Following the Web of A.R.M.

To fight the enemy, one must know the enemy. For two weeks, I have researched Animal Recovery Mission from several angles, and what I found is an amazing web. We must know every strand. For those who want to know who’s involved in these organizations for purposes of prayer and ebó, I’m putting their information here. One thing about being in a public nonprofit – your information becomes public. The links from which I obtained this information is included; just click on the hyperlink of the organization or name to follow the thread yourself.

Animal Recovery Mission

They are a Florida Not for Profit Corporation, listed as Animal Recovery Mission, Inc. They filed paperwork on January 28, 2010. Their principle address is at 927 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, Fl. 33140. They list their mailing address as PO Box 403344, Miami Beach, Fl. 33140. Currently, their officers are as follows:

Richard Couto [Director]



Kris Lowney [Treasurer]

PO BOX 403344



Maia Chrupcala [Vice President]

PO BOX 403344



Rachel Ann Taylor [Chief Financial Officer]

PO Box 403344

Miami Beach, FL 33140

While these are the four current officers, the listing has changed since their filing in 2010. To understand the scope and reach of A.R.M. today, I had to pull the Florida Department of State Division of Corporation listings for this organization each year they have been in operation. What I found was interesting, and in some ways disturbing.

2010 Records

These list Richard Couto as the only officer for the organization.

2011 Records

This lists Richard Couto as the only officer and the director of A.R.M.

2012 Records

This lists Richard Couto and Kris Lowney as officers. Couto is the director and Lowney is an officer. This year we find a new name added to the mix: Ken Ogrodnick, listed as an officer.

2013 Records

Now there are four officers listed: Richard Couto (Director), Maia Chrupcala (Vice-President), Kris Lowney (Treasurer), and Ken Ogrodnick (Officer). 

2014 Records

The officers listed remain the same as in 2013. 

2015 Records

For 2015 there are only three officers listed: Richard Couto (Director), Maia Chrupcala (Vice-President), and Kris Lowney (Treasurer). Ken Ogrodnick is not listed as an officer for this year.2016 Records

The same three officers are listed: Richard Couto (Director), Maia Chrupcala (Vice-President), and Kris Lowney (Treasurer). The date they filed this document is March 7, 2016. But on April 4, 2016, an amendment was filed (click this link) giving us our current officers: Richard Couto (Director), Kris Lowney (Treasurer), Maia Chrupcala (Vice President), and Rachel Ann Taylor (Chief Financial Officer).

Over the next few weeks, I will blog about the people involved in A.R.M. and their varied special and business interests. We need to know our enemies, people. I intend to help you know them and every nook and cranny of their lives.