Online Consultations

My first love has always been divination. Even as a child, I searched for signs and omens, and as young as age 8 I spent hours in the King George Smoot Memorial Library reading everything in the stacks about ESP, the paranormal, witchcraft, sorcery and other psychic phenomenon. I think I owned my first set of Tarot cards by age 11, and throughout my Elementary, Middle, and High School years I was reading cards, palms, tea leaves, and scrying for friends and teachers. When I discovered the Lucumí faith in the late 80s, I fell in love with the divination systems of obi and diloggún, and as early as 10 years before my ordination ceremonies I was devouring everything I could find on the subject. Old Cuban manuscripts, the few books available about the faith, and the heads of diloggún diviners were questioned and studied with a rabbinical passion. By the time my iyaboraje was over, my godfather “checked me off” of my skills, and I’ve been reading dozens of clients a week for well over fifteen years.


Because I live in Chico, California, a small college town nestled in the Sacramento Valley (and about as far away from everything as you can get in this world), I do the bulk of my consultations online. Using to facilitate the session, I use the diloggún (cowries) of the orisha Elegguá to look into your life circumstances. You come with a problem to solve, or maybe a question you want answered, but with the orisha I look into your life, and you, holistically; divination opens an odu (sacred vessel) identifying the complex interplay of energies in your life (ashé), and with Elegguá’s help I identify the parts of your life that are unbalanced. Elegguá speaks about your past and what created the reality you live in now; he identifies the parts of your life that are balanced and unbalanced, and he prescribes one or more ebós (offerings, incantations, spells, works, and other spiritual recipes) to bring all of you back into balance. You might come for just a reading, but you leave with a renewed sense of purpose . . . and hope.

Sessions last 60 minutes to two hours, and the derecho (fee) is $50.00. The fee is asked for and expected when you make your appointment. They are nonrefundable; and if you miss your appointment you are allowed one chance to reschedule at my convenience, not yours. Please keep the following in mind when you register for your consultation:


  1. You must be someplace safe where you can focus, without distraction, on the consultation. You cannot be at work, driving, on the bus, or walking down the street. While you can call in to the session using a phone, I do prefer that you sign in to on your computer, and I ask that you wear a headset with both microphone and speakers built in. The less distracted you are, the better you can focus on the task at hand, divination.
  2. Do not wear black during your reading. Wear white, or the lightest colors possible.
  3. If you want to focus on a specific question or concern during your consultation, let me know before the reading begins; however, it is best to be open minded and let Elegguá decide on the focus for your reading. The orishas take a holistic approach to life; they identify the energies in effect, and teach you how to navigate for your highest good. If you let them, they will show you how to lead your best life, and how to be your authentic self.
  4. At the end of the consultation, you are allowed to ask three yes or no questions. No, you cannot ask four; you can ask fewer than three, but chances are all your questions and concerns will be addressed during the reading.


If you would like to schedule an online consultation with me, please write to me at: On a good day I will get back to you within 24 hours, but please be patient. The volume of email I receive is enormous, and it takes time to address everyone’s concerns. If you leave a phone number in your email I can get back to you sooner and get you scheduled quickly.


And thank you! I look forward to serving you.


Ócháni Lele