Deepening your understanding of itá

This is a one-on-one tutoring session based on the letters of your itá. Using both the entoyale and intori of your life reading, I go beyond what the oriaté spoke of in your initial itá to help you better understand your past, your present, and your future. I do this through both proverbs and patakís; and I go beyond “the odu” of your reading and delve extensively into the orientations of the odu (entoyale) and the odu that witnessed them. For this service I charge as do most oriatés: $31.00 per plate (reading). You should plan to spend an hour with me going through the meanings of each letter.

The information given in this interpretation does not supersede that told to you in your itá; it only deepens your understanding of your signs and, perhaps, gives you a deeper sense of meaning and what it is you came to this earth to accomplish. All sessions are done through Skype. I do not allow voice recordings of the session; it is up to you to be in the moment, listening and taking good notes as I peel apart your reading bit-by-bit.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with me to go through your itá with you, write to me at The amount of time I have for such interpretations is limited, and I can handle no more than 4 or 5 individuals per week. Because we meet an hour a week throughout the process, depending on the orisha crowned we could be meeting weekly for as much as two months. Right now there is a waiting list for this service, so please make sure to email me to reserve your appointments.

Also, please note: If you reserve a time and are late, you lose that time. If you reserve a time and do not show up, you lose that time. No refunds are given based on an individual’s lateness or no-show. Make sure you can commit to your dates and time before you pay your derecho for the service. Again: there are no refunds for an individual’s lateness or no-shows. Please understand that before signing up for your appointments.

Ócháni Lele


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