The Basics of Lucumí Divination

The Basics of Lucumí divination is a new beginner’s course designed to teach olorishas how to cast the diloggún. All you need to qualify is proof of your ordination ceremony, and if you are a iyawó you can study with your godparent’s permission. Subject matter includes:


  1. An introduction to the Lucumí tongue and how to pray in Lucumí. By the end of the course, you will have a basic, but strong ceremonial grasp of the language.
  2. And introduction to Lucumí ontology and cosmology.
  3. An understanding of the oracle’s mechanics and an understanding of the odu upon which it is based.
  4. The skill to safely open and close the diloggún.


This is a skills-course with an attendance policy. The policy is sent to all students at registration. This is also a recorded class, and students do get a copy of the recording for personal use. A privacy and nondisclosure statement is required for all students who want to receive recordings. If your ita forbids the signing of legal documents such as these, you can take the course but you will NOT receive recordings unless you can sign the nondisclosure agreement.


Please note that there is another course students will need to take to learn the basics of interpretation. That course is: The Basics of Diloggun Interpretation. If you do NOT take TBOLD you cannot take TBODI. Please ask for a syllabus and more information if interested.


The cost for this class is $400.00. To hold your seat, a $200.00 nonrefundable deposit is required, with the remainder of the tuition due on the first day of class. For a syllabus and more information (including start dates and registration) please email me at: And thank you!


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