Advanced Odu Lectures

For students who have successfully passed both the Basic Course in Casting Diloggún and the Basic Course in Tonti Interpretation, I offer a series of 192 odu lectures. These lectures are on the composites Okana Meji through Ejila Merindilogún. Each lecture is 1 1/2 hours, focusing on a specific composite odu. Students may jump into these lectures at any time for the cost of $25.00 per lecture. You must, however, pay in 16 class blocks up front for a total of $400.00. Students must attend classes consecutively; and if you are absent you will lose that class altogether with no refund. For more information on these lecture blocks, and to apply for a seat, please email me at


One thought on “Advanced Odu Lectures

  1. Please note that the number of students who can attend each lecture block is limited; however, as these are revolving lectures seats will open up frequently. As always, email for details.

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