New classes: Working the Spirits

Working the Spirits

Instructor: Ócháni Lele (Stuart Acevedo);


Textbook: There is no hardcopy textbook for this course. OneNote will be our online textbook.

Length of course: This is a series of four-week workshops, each focused on one of the following orishas: Elegguá, Ogún, Ochosi, Obatalá, Oyá, Oshún, Yemayá, Shangó, Olokun, Ibeji, Érínlè, Aganyú, and Oba.


Cost: $75.00 per four-week workshop.

5 thoughts on “New classes: Working the Spirits

  1. Can we pick and choose which ones we can participate in?

    Which orisha will you start with on 2/21?


  2. I’m in. Send me the payment request please for Wednesday classes. I will be absent for today’s class. Somebody is fixing my laptop.

    Thank you


    PD. I don’t have the password for One Note.


  3. Stuart how are you, it’s willie. I wanted to see if I can set up a consulta with you how do I go about it?

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