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A lot of you have been asking, “Ócháni, what happened to your blog?” Well, life happened. In June I travelled to Chico, California, to visit my best friend Flavia for a four-day weekend, and I never went home. [Except to gather my belongings and give away . . . almost everything I owned!] A cross-country move is a big thing, but I’m used to doing big things. Before driving across country both ways to gather my orishas, clothes, and dogs,  I got married. That’s right: July 20, 2016 I was married in a private ceremony with one witness. And, you guessed it, that witness was Flavia. My last name became Acevedo, and things have been insane ever since.


In case you’re wondering, insanity is always a good thing.


During all this I began blogging on Patreon. It’s a patron-supported website where writers, artists, and other creative people create exclusive content for those who support us with monthly pledges. It’s a lot of work, but in return for your support you get quality content on subjects you love.


And as you all know, can’t no one do odu like I do.


For a $25.00 pledge per month, you get exclusive access to content that no one else in the world does. Soon, I’ll be adding vlogs to my blogs, and you guys know that when I’m on cam, I’m a ham.


From time to time I’ll be here on the public blog. I’m updating it slowly with information about classes and events. Mostly it will be a way to communicate with readers about events coming up. But if you want the good stuff, you’ll have to pop over to Make that $25.00 pledge per month. You will get access to awesome writings. This month I’m focusing on the orisha Yemayá and some of her roads.


Become my patron. Support my most spectacular efforts. I promise you won’t be disappointed.


Ócháni Lele [Stuart Acevedo]

Chico, California.

PS: Please don’t make me beg!

5 thoughts on “Please, Come Read and Support me on

  1. Bendicion & Congratulations on your marriage and your move. Northern California is my favorite part of the state. Good luck.

  2. Alaffia,

    I wanted to give my congratulations on getting married, moving to Chico and building your business. I have gone through similar life changes in a short amount of time and know what it takes to make all that happen.

    I also wanted to give thanks for your blog. I left my second Ile last year for reasons I won’t get into here. Your blog has kept the embers of love I have for Lukumi burning as I healed my heart.

    Good luck to you in your future. I wish you nothing but positivity and happiness.

    1. I love it here. But I do have to admit I have the feeling that I’m supposed to be somewhere else. I can’t explain it. We’ll see what Eleggua brings my way!

    2. By the way, if you do become a patron, I let patrons suggest topics for blogs. After all, if you’re supporting a writer he might as well write some of what you want to read, right?

      Be well!

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