Animal Recovery Mission [A.R.M.]: A Family Affair

When researching your enemy, never leave any stone unturned. Yesterday I spent hours poring over news stories, trying to draw connections between the officers of the Animal Recovery Mission, which is, as far as I’m concerned, a terrorist organization that has declared war against the Diaspora and all connected indigenous, and now globalized, African-based religions. I’m all for animal welfare; I’m the proud father of two wonderful dogs, and have cared for animals all my life. Olódumare teaches us that animals have their orí, and with that, their place and purpose in creation. But a few weeks ago, the leader of A.R.M., Richard Couto, vowed to wipe us out and our right to practice our faith in peace. That, my readers, makes him our enemy.

By accident, I stumbled across an obituary connecting many members of A.R.M. into one big, happy family. That’s right: Animal Recovery Mission is a family business, although they don’t make that known to the press. With Richard Couto’s criminal activities (and why he hasn’t been arrested and prosecuted as a criminal, I have no idea) that makes them, in my humble opinion, a crime family.

Click this hyperlink to read the obituary I found: click here.

On September 26, 2014, Michelle (Couto) Tormey, 45, of Wrentham, MA and Portsmouth, RI passed away. Mrs. Tormey was the sister of Richard Couto. If you read the article carefully, it identifies not only Richard Couto as her brother, but also Kristine Lowney as her sister. This is the same Kris Lowney listed as an officer of Animal Recovery Mission; not only did they shorten her name on the official document to protect her identity, but her maiden name is Couto. She married a Rhode Island cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Mark X. Lowney, thus the Lowney name. Maia Chrupcala is named as another of her sisters; however, on later research for verification I discovered that Maia Chrupcala is, more than likely, a cousin of the Couto family. Her mother’s name was Peggy Couto.

As for the other officers named over the years, I’m still working on finding out if there are family connections. They all seem to hail back to Rhode Island, so I’m sure there are very strong connections between them. There also seem to be ties between the Couto family and the race-horse and thoroughbred industry, but I’m still working on those connections. With all these things available as public record if one is willing to put in the time to dig it up, I can’t help but wonder “why” all the secrecy. If this is a family-based animal welfare organization, why not publicize it as such?

There are so many questions for which we need answers. Give me time – I’ll find them all.