Raw, Uncensored, Written in 15 Minutes

This is a response I wrote to one of my posts on Facebook regarding the viral Nazi salute made by Birgitt Peterson. I thought it deserved to be a blog. It’s an unpolished rambling, but it exposes so much of what I feel at an open, raw level . . . I thought I’d post it as it is, with all its flaws. It is in response to this news article:

Trump supporter explains what led to ‘Heil, Hitler’ salute at canceled Chicago rall

“Nobody knows what lies at the heart of the ñame except the knife that cuts it.” Unle Ogundá. The knife is cutting into many hearts, and we can see what is there.

 “The sheep who associates with the wolf has nothing to eat: The wolf eats the sheep’s food, and the sheep as well.” Unle Ogundá. So many of us are sheep, and we are associating with wolves. And then we wonder why we starve; we wonder why we are eaten.

Regarding this woman: her explanation is not an apology; her explanation has too many historical faults to be real; and she shows no shame for what she has done. This is typical of those caught in a lie. Remember: statistically, the first time you meet a stranger they tell you at least 1 to 3 lies in the first 10 minutes. That goes for everyone – not just the person you meet. The entire nation just met her in these interviews. If we follow the law of statistics, she’s told at least one lie. Figure it out for yourself.

My words here won’t be very eloquent because I just woke up and have TONS of things to do before divination classes begin today. Please don’t get too caught up in the words I use – try to understand my intentions in writing this. Even now, I admit everything going on confuses and conflicts me.

There is a good side to all of this, if you want to find a good side in this bullshit. There is a real energy sweeping the country, one of hatred that is flipping our collective unconscious and nation’s genius into a very dark and brutal place. But with that something has happened that wasn’t expected by those who engineered this social experiment, both practically and magickally – it has exposed the true faces of hatred among us, and we are finding that those faces . . . are us. It’s me. It’s you. It’s your neighbor. It’s in your family, you neighborhood, your ilé ocha, your church, your priests, your heroes, your icons, and your government. It’s everywhere.

“Today the victim is the melon; tomorrow the victim is the melon.” Obara Meji. We are all victims here, even the ones being swayed by this energy of hate.

“If you remain silent, you will not have to watch what you say.” Obara Meji. Those who have engineered the social experiment weren’t planning this backfire of their work, and this is the wave we need to ride, folks. People aren’t watching what they say. Like this woman in the picture, they are moved to blind action by the energy, and their own words and actions are betraying their true feelings.

But until we realize what our true feelings are, we can’t work to fix them. We can’t work to change. And we are in a period where we should see . . . we should know . . . we need to change. First, as individuals, and then as a nation. We’re not great. We’ve never been great. We weren’t great when we massacred Native Americans. We weren’t great when we instituted slavery. We weren’t great when we wrote the original Constitution: the 3/5 clause and all that. We weren’t great when women were denied the right to vote. We weren’t great during emancipation (it was done for economic reasons, not for the right reasons). We weren’t great with segregation. We weren’t great with Neo Colonialism in Latin America. And we still aren’t great. Maybe one day we will be. This entire country is one huge failed social experiment, in so many ways.

Do NOT believe what people say. Believe what they do. Harsh energies are being unleashed here, and people are acting in hate. Later they might retract and say, “Such was not my intention,” but their intentions when they acted cannot be erased.

Right now I have so much hate in my heart it’s unreal. I HATE that more blacks have been killed by our nation’s police force than died in the Egyptian revolutions. I HATE that my friends and some of my family have to fear for their lives when they leave their homes, and some have to be fearful in their homes. I HATE that I fight my own nature – being raised in the rural areas of Virginia I was raised on the belief that whites were superior and all other ethnicities were inferior. I hate that even now, there are moments when my own upbringing (and I’m not referring to my family or blood here – I’m referring to the entire “cultural village” that raised me, from friends, neighbors, and even the educational system) takes over and I find myself feeling superior to those who, in truth, are no different than me. I even HATE my own reverse racism where I try to OVERCOME what has been programmed in me, where I neither want nor like having white friends simply because I feel the need to divorce myself from the past and immerse myself in those who society taught me were inferior.

If I hate all this in myself, imagine how much these openly racist assholes must hate themselves, at least on some level. Or maybe they just hate being outed? I don’t have any answers.

What I do know is this: we are in a dangerous time. What I do know is this: everything you are seeing has been engineered and planned. And what I do know is this: 20 years from now when people are REALLY looking into the history of what happened here, when writers and authors and students and professors and political analysts and historians are interpreting this point in our history, these words, your words, these pictures, these names – they’re all going to be remembered. And when your children, your grandchildren, and your great grandchildren ask you about what YOU were doing during this period . . . well . . . what will you tell them?

I’m done rambling. I hate discussing politics on my page. But this goes beyond political. It is spiritual, and not everything spiritual is beautiful.


6 thoughts on “Raw, Uncensored, Written in 15 Minutes

    1. It’s beyond scary. It has unmasked all the hate. And there is a lot of hate going around.

  1. Totally agree. Also, most of the time we forget our mistakes in the past and we repeat it over and over until it’s too late.
    With Trump we won’t be a great country, we’ll be the worse country. Instead we’ll going forward we’ll going backwards. This is more than a political issue. Is unle ogunda energy in the air. We go it be careful what we say and what we do. At the end you could fall in your own traps. We have the power to make a better world, justice for all.

    1. In so many ways we have never been a great country. We are a social experiment.

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