A New Online Class

On Wednesday, March 9th, a new daytime class beings: Ebós and Obras for the Orishas. The time is 10:00 AM, and it meets using gotomeeting.com.

 This is a class taught in four week segments, each segment having a derecho of $50.00. For four weeks we study ebós and obras to work Elegguá, and then, in four-week cycles, we are studying the following orishas: Ogún, Ochosi, Obatalá, Oyá, Oshún, Yemayá, and Shangó. Each new cycle has a derecho of $50.00.

 The first three four-week cycles are appropriate for both aborishas (who have warriors) and olorishas alike. After that, the remaining classes are olorisha only.

 If you would like to sign up, email me at bstuartmyers@gmail.com. There are only six seats left.

 As always, thank you!