My New Year’s Resolutions

There are about 50 days until 2015 ends and 2016 begins, and I’m thinking about my New Year’s projects and resolutions. It’s never too early to plan. For those who, like me, are pondering important projects for the New Year, I thought I’d share part of my “to be considered” list. 

1. I plan to teach more, write more, and work less. Many of you know that after my best friend passed away in September of 2013 (Rebecca Brown, ibae), I went back to work on a PRN basis. That turned into part-time work (because my employer has excellent health-care benefits), and then, because of a staffing crisis, I remained part-time but worked full-time hours. I’ve written very little. I’ve not taught as many classes as I have in the past. But punching a time-clock was very healing for me; after Rebecca’s death I became house-bound and reclusive. In 2016 I’m planning to cut back on my work hours, going to a PRN basis just to keep my foot in the door. Because . . . well . . . let’s just say my job is my security blanket. Not just that, but I love my coworkers and I love the work I do. 

But my mission in life isn’t to take care of the sick, the elderly, and the dying. My true mission in life is to teach and work as an olorisha. Teaching and writing are a huge part of that mission, and I need more time devoted to those things. Plus, let’s face it; I’m too old to be this exhausted all the time! 

2. I plan to start two Lucumí writers’ groups. There are a lot of talented wordsmiths among our laity and priesthood; they just need motivation and feedback to become more productive. Fiction or nonfiction, it matters not. What does matter is that those among us with the gift of words hone our gifts, bringing our unique knowledge and experience to print. 

One writers’ group will be local. We’ll meet somewhere in public, maybe a botanica or maybe a Starbucks, to read and critique each other’s work. Weekly meetings are my goal. Hopefully, by the end of 2016, I’ll have a group of writers ready to submit their work to various journals or book publishers for publication. 

One writers’ group will be online. Using the online service (which also hosts all my online classes) we’ll meet weekly to read, discuss, and critique our work. The goal for this group will be the same as the local: for each writer to produce something worthy of publication. 

So there you have two of my possible goals for the year 2016. As previously written, this is my “to be considered” list of resolutions. I need to think more, plan more, and prioritize more. There are other projects I’m pondering in my head, and I’ll share those over the coming weeks. I want 2016 to be my most productive and fabulous year yet! What are the resolutions and projects you’re considering for 2016?


7 thoughts on “My New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Already I’ve had one email asking, “How much will it cost to be in the writer’s groups?” If I DO pull together a Lucumí writer’s group, there will not be a derecho. This will be a gift, and I’m sure my own work will benefit from this as well. There will, however, be standards and rules. To participate, each member will need to follow those.

    Thanks for the question! Please make sure to share your own New Year’s goals and resolutions with us here!

    1. Bendicion my love:

      If this becomes one of my 2016 projects (I have so many things I want to do churning around in my head), you are invited . . . no . . . requested! I’d love to work with you. Workshop environments are great for writers, and in our classes you always had so many great ideas. I’m sure being in a writer’s workshop with you would be a productive effort!

      Lots of love to you — I miss you!

  2. Alafia,

    I have had a transformative 2015/33rd year and going into the Winter months is always a time of contemplation for me. The Earth is resting and gathering resources to last through the Spring and Summer months so I take my cue from mama earth.

    My priorities are:
    1) Rejuvenate, rest and heal post 2015/33rd so that I am giving from a full cup.
    2) Deepen my personal relationship to my egun, Orishas and the divine. My plan is to study world religions more in depth, sit with my ancestors and listen to the wisdom.
    3) Get my purpose further into reality. The two above will support this along with curriculum to support the healing of black women and women of color; especially those who are care givers in some capacity.

    Thank you for sharing your focus for the new year and inviting others to do the same.

    1. I would like to thank YOU for sharing your priorities. You remind me that I must do things not for others, but for me, during the New Year. I’m always trying to be of service, and I do it to the point that I leave little time for myself. Your post is well-received, my friend.

  3. That will be so cool! A Lukumi writer”s group! I am so excited! My resolution is to become more organized and also to write, I love to write poetry and prose. I have read in many a poetry slam with the great legends from the Newyorican Poets Cafe when I was a kid. I would love to rekindle that passion.

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