A New Class: Apere ti, Obi

When divining with obi to Elegguá, there is a little-known, almost lost art of interpretation known as apere. Apere is a word from the old Lucumí dialect meaning pattern; and in the context of obi divination these geometric patterns have meaning. It is a little known skill, an art that is all but lost; but it is a skill that adds deeper layers of interpretation to each casting of the coconuts. For those who, like myself, make the casting of obi to Elegguá a weekly practice, or for those who have a prohibition against casting Elegguá’s diloggún for one’s clients, godchildren, or self, this skill is indispensable and adds depth to your readings. It enables the olorisha to have deeper conversations with Elegguá, and it identifies the orisha standing with Elegguá to help overcome, conquer, acquire, or evolve. No longer a silent stone, with apere obi Elegguá has a simple yet powerful way to speak with the olorisha.

On Friday, August 7th, a new ONLINE class begins (5:00 to 6:30 PM EST) focusing on the usage of aperes when casting obi to Elegguá. For this class it is assumed the student has a basic working knowledge of the oracle obi; and only olorishas may attend this course. In the course of eleven weeks we will study the aperes of: Elegguá, Ogún, Ochosi, Babaluaiye, Aganyú, Shango, Obatalá, Oyá, Oshún, and Yemayá. Our first class meeting will be orientation and an introduction to the rules of apere. The remaining weeks, each class is devoted to a study of a different orisha’s apere. The meanings and ebós for not only each apere but also all five positions will be presented. As with all my classes, depending on the needs of the students we might spend extra time together, and, as always, if the class runs over the promised eleven weeks no additional payment is asked of the students.

The derecho for this 2 ½ month course is $200.00. Students who have studied obi divination with me before but want a deeper study of the aperes do get a discount; please ask for the discount when registering for the course.

Email me to reserve your seat: bstuartmyers@gmail.com. Or, send me a private message on Facebook. Upon registration, a non-refundable deposit of $100.00 is required. The remaining balance is due in full 30 days after the class begins.

And, in advance, I’d like to thank you for taking this course. I consider each of my students to be both a blessing and a treasure, and I am grateful that you have selected me to be your teacher.


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  1. This ONLINE course (gotomeeting.com) starts Friday, August 7th. It meets every Friday for 11 weeks (almost 3 months). The time is 5:00 to 6:30 PM, EST. The derecho is $200.00. If, after reading the blog post about the course you have questions, or if you would like to register, email me at bstuartmyers@gmail.com or send me a private message here on Facebook. Previous obi students (olorishas only): please remember that if you want this course, I would consider this a “retake” and give you the same discount I’ve always given students when retaking a course. And, as always, I am thankful and honored that you have chosen me to be your teacher. Each of you is a blessing.

  2. Bendicion Stuart, Just curious, when is your next obi class.  I know and have divine Obi to Elegua and Egun, However reading your post, shows more information and it gets more deep, and explain why and give more information.  I am the type of person that like to know why things are done.  I am not the type to just learn how to do things but, don’t know why.   Kí Oggun n’agbé ó!   Willie I am the Living Proof

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