Diloggún Readings and Spiritual Counseling

As a Lucumí priest (olobatalá) specializing in divination, often I am asked about doing readings and consultations. I do offer these online, using gotomeeting.com as my platform. For a very limited, locally established clientele, I do offer sessions from my home; however, I am not taking new home-based clients at this time. 

If you would like an online consultation with me, please email me at bstuartmyers@gmail.com. The derecho is $50.00, and while you should plan on spending an hour with me I do book appointments two hours apart just in case more time is needed. While I encourage note-taking during our session, I do record the private consultation so you have a permanent record of our conversation. 

Appointment times vary based on my teaching schedule, work schedule, and tutoring sessions. I take only two consultations per day. Please note that if you pay to book an appointment with me and then miss your appointment without prior 24 hour notice, a reschedule is at my discretion. No refund is offered.

Thank you for your interest!