Auditing my classes

Even though I’ve tried to keep an open, liberal schedule with my classes, there are many who cannot participate on the days and times that I offer lectures. Many olorishas work evenings and nights, while others do revolving shift-work. Some are in college and their class schedules change every semester. Some have young children, and that makes settling in for an hour and a half class impossible. Well, I think I have these issues solved. In conjunction with and YouTube, I have a solution for those who cannot maintain a normal, monthly class schedule.

If you go to, you will see that you can be a patron of my work with varying levels of monthly support. There are options for $1.00 a month, $5.00 a month, $25.00 a month, and $50.00 a month. If you want to study divination and odu with me but can’t maintain a regular weekly class schedule, you can become a $50.00 a month patron and you will have private, by invitation-only access to one odu lecture per week. This is for the advanced odu lecture series. Right now we are studying the composites of Ogundá (3), and after the live class finishes all 16 composites of Ogundá, we move into an odu-by-odu study of Ofún (10). Just sign up to be a supporter and you will have a lecture available to you by Tuesday of each week! This option is limited; because it involves a bit of work on my part to get the lectures converted and uploaded, plus set up to be private and by invitation only, this is limited to twenty (20) audit students. Once twenty individuals sign up, that’s it.

Also, at the $50.00 level of support you have access to all my patron-only blogs. Those are wonderful educational opportunities in themselves, so if you’re not interested in my classes you can sign up at the lower levels of support so you can learn from my blogs.

Soon I’ll offer audit-only access to the basic diloggún course; however, they won’t be available until July. When it becomes an option, an appropriate level of support for that six month class will go up on

Thank you so much for being a reader; and if you do choose to become my patron through, you’ll have my undying gratitude. Over the years I’ve learned that my readers are a special group, and I thank Olófin for each of you. You are all wonderful!

This is the link: If you click that hyperlink it will open in a new tab, and then you can scroll down to read about the different levels of patronage. And remember: once you sign up, your support is monthly. You can cancel at any time (but I hope you never do)!

Thank you so much!

Ócháni Lele


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  1. If you do have any questions about the audit option for my classes, feel free to email me directly at before you sign up as a patron on I’d be more than happy to personally address and answer any concerns you might have! I love interacting with both my readers and my patrons!

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