Maintaining a blogging schedule is not easy!

It’s been a rough week, and maintaining a blogging schedule is hard work.

For those of you who don’t know, I have a patron supported site here: Three times a week I’m blogging there to benefit those who act as patrons to my work. Monday blogs are simple and open to $1.00 supporters. Wednesday blogs are a bit more thoughtful and are open to $5.00 supporters (they get access to Monday’s blog as well). The best blogs, those that have to do with my specialty, divination, are open to $25.00 supporters (they get access to all my blogs). Your patronage is on a monthly basis. As soon as I get a handle on my three weekly blogs, I’ll be adding other levels of support with some serious perks, so please keep up with my work there.

Besides blogging, what have I been doing?


I’m working on two books now. One book is about ashé and its cycle in nature. Last month I began an experimental class with some of my more advanced students. In thought, it was a masters’ class dealing with ebó, its disposal, and the cycle of ashé in nature. But as I began teaching the class I realized that I had more than one class embedded in my idea, and because there is almost nothing written about ashé I had very few options for reading material, and forget about having a textbook. So as this class now studies the actions of the odu Okana through Ejila Shebora in nature, I am outlining and writing a book about ashé itself and how it flows in the natural world. The basis for my work is in two things: the nature of the odu and the nature of the orishas. I’m looking at six months before a proposal is ready, and maybe another two years before the manuscript is complete. As I make significant progress on that work, I’ll post about it here.

The other book I’ve begun is another collection of patakís. Next to divination, storytelling is my strong point, and that’s probably because when divining I’m telling a huge story — the story of the client’s life. I’ve worked with a small collection of patakís from Okana, Ogundá, Obara, and Unle; and by the end of next week I should know, for sure, which family of odu I’m publishing. Once I decide, I’m about two months away from a book proposal and one year away from a complete manuscript.

The rest of my time is devoted to teaching and nursing. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I teach a number of classes at different levels of mastery. An experimental class for aleyos and aborishas starts soon (June 24th), and if that goes well I’ll be working on a more expansive curriculum appropriate for them. And on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesday I work part-time in a nursing home to maintain benefits (for me, it’s much cheaper than the affordable care act). 

What are you up to? Let me know! And if you have any greater interest in the projects I’m working on, ask. I’ll be more than happy to keep everyone update.

Ócháni Lele


4 thoughts on “Maintaining a blogging schedule is not easy!

  1. How come I did not know any of this???? I did not know to support your blog. I did not know about your new class. I am not in the new class. Are you ignoring me? Or, am I that detached??? And, I have something for your neighbor like I promised so send me an address

    Be Your Greatness! Iyanla From my IPhone


    1. No, I’m not ignoring you! You’ve been extremely busy with your own writing and with that FABULOUS television show of yours!

      And isn’t it funny that I just had one seat open in my advanced classes! I’ll send you an email in just a minute about the date and times.

      I miss you, godsister!


      1. I just sent you a quick email about the classes. Now, I’m off to get ready for my part-time job. So if you email me back after I leave, I won’t be able to respond until after midnight!

    2. And it’s not my neighbor. It’s my landlord! I’ll see her on Monday and tell her!

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