Changes to class formats

For new students, class formats have changed. There is a new course starting April 25th titled “Basic Course in Casting Diloggún.” It will meet from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM. If you would like to apply for a seat in that class, please email me at Those selected for the course will be given seating based on a first come, first paid basis. Thank you. Ócháni.


2 thoughts on “Changes to class formats

  1. Hello Professor, I would like to enroll in this class. This class is the second one to the class I’m currently enrolled in, right? If so, can I be enrolled in it? How much is the class? Hoe many weeks is the course? Have a good evening professor. Your the best!

    ⚓ Raquel SKY Miranda ⚓


  2. Obatala bless: this is the same class you are in currently, just a different section or time slot for new students. Don’t worry — once you finish this class, you can go on to the interpretation class as long as you pass your exam and score an 80 or higher for the course (which I’m sure you will)!

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