A New Year: A New Beginning

For the last half of 2013 my blog was fallow, useless; those of you who follow me on Facebook know the issues I dealt with and how my life was no longer about me, it was about caring for my goddaughter and best friend, Rebecca Brown. For those of you who don’t know, she passed away on September 6th, 2013, and I fell into a deep mourning and depression. I’ve tried to blog. I’ve tried to write. But in so many ways Rebecca was my muse, my cheerleader, and my voice went silent.

I’m ready to begin the work anew.

There are so many facets to my life: the spiritual, the mundane, the creative, the eccentric (and let’s not forget the scandalous), that this year my blog will represent all those sides of me. 2014 will be a year of writing (I’m trying very hard to write not one but two books); I’m teaching; and I’m going to stretch my creative writing skills a bit and branch out into short stories that investigate the themes of spirituality, homosexuality, and growing up gay in a small town called King George, Virginia. The short stories, of course, will be fictionalized but, perhaps, based on my real life. Maybe along the way I’ll make my first fleeting attempts at a novel. I don’t know. But what I do know is my blog is about to become something unique and perhaps a bit insane, definitely a reflection of the multi-faceted life I lead.

Stay close. If nothing else, you’ll always have something good to read.


Ócháni Lele


4 thoughts on “A New Year: A New Beginning

  1. Here to support your dreams as life goes on. Continue to grow in Spirit and live each day to the fullest and breath in between the pages,Love & Blessings OmiLoju

  2. Thanks both of you. Losing my best friend was hard; but taking care of her while she was dying was even harder. Towards the end, the last few months, I had to watch a loving, vibrant woman slowly waste away; and her own death made me feel my mortality. But I’m better off for having known her, and now I know — truly know — that I can promise someone I’ll be by his or her side forever and mean it when I say it. Rebecca taught me so much.

  3. I do hope that you get to write your book, but mostly I wish you well. Be strong do what your heart desires. I am grateful to have you as my instructor. May Oggun and Oya bless you always and bring you happiness, good health and prosperity.

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