Project 256, Day 19: Ejioko Ogunda (2-3)

Project 256, Day 19: No, I have not abandoned you. The day, simply, got away from me. Today everyone should be reading about the odu Ejioko Ogundá. Me? I need a simple day, a day of rest, so I’m just giving you a huge list of proverbs of consider while you’re reading about this odu in the book “The Diloggún.” Enjoy!

Ócháni Lele

• Where there are arguments, there is no peace.
• A war produces death.
• To battle produces death.
• He who remains of the tail where what was for the head they do not want to respect.
• He who hears all the tongues, that disturbs his head.
• Never the argument can outdo the reason.
• The best weapon is still the tongue.
• One man destroys what another man builds.
• He who falls behind when he was once a head loses all respect.
• Listening to the wagging of tongues hurts your own head.
• The most heated argument can never win over reason or truth.
• The most powerful weapon in one’s arsenal is one’s tongue.
• With the tongue is one’s game developed; do not argue.
• Do not leave security for uncertainty.
• A bird in your own hand is worth more to you than two in your friend’s hands.
• A bird in the hand is worth two in the air.
• Today cannot be like tomorrow.
• One does not know today what will be done tomorrow.
• Death is on your trail.
• The face of the vulture bulges forward and his stomach protrudes backward.
• Be happy with the things you have.
• Evil spirits cause arguments, and arguments bring unhappiness.


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  2. ” Be happy with the things you have” : for me a reminder to have gratitude.I’m here,still on the planet,still able to read this ! Profound wisdom in a [relatively] few words,as usual . Thank you. Er…the vulture one is different,for sure 🙂

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