Project 256, Day 17: Ejioko Okana (2-1)

Just a random thought about the odu Ejioko Okana – it marks an important stage in human evolution: The consumption of meat. When first created, humans were vegetarians and foragers; they had no capacity for agriculture and were forced to consume what the land provided. In regions of sparse vegetation, there was starvation; when there was drought, there was starvation. When this sign unfolded, it taught humans how to hunt; it taught them how to preserve, store, and cook animal foods so there would be no food-borne illness. Many credit this odu with the creation of vitamins; it taught the value of the consumption of blood supplements for early humans, vitamins being the modern counterpart. With the knowledge given by Ejioko Okana, early humans were sustained against starvation and nutritional deficiencies. Its aché enabled our race to grow and populate colder climates, depending on animals and not plants for food.


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