Children of the New Cycle

For a few weeks I’ve been having dreams about the babies being born and conceived during this phase of our evolution. My guides, especially Tomasa, have spoken of them as being children of the aeon. They are coming into the world, or being conceived in their mother’s wombs, at a time that the Universe’s energy is being reset for a new cycle – a cycle that can either further our destruction or further our evolution. These children, when they come of age, will has the ashé, the power, to change the world.


But they can’t do it without our help.


Mothers: if you are giving birth to a child now, or if you have conceived a child now (and for the next 5 years after the wheel turns), your children are being born to the world with incredible stores of ashé; they will have the strength, power, beauty, and grace to put humanity on a new course of peace and growth. Have these children blessed by your priest, your rabbi, your olorisha – whatever faith you practice, and make sure to raise them with all the love and guidance you have to give. God has trusted you with a great gift, my friends.


Fathers: if your women are giving birth to a child now, or if you are conceiving a child with a woman now (for the next 5 years after the wheel turns), know that are half of the miracle that is coming to the earth through the womb of your woman. Simply, you must honour what has been trusted to you and must make sure you do right by both your baby and your baby’s mother. Give that child your time, your love, your thoughtful discipline, and your time. Ensure the safety of both mother and child. Being incarnations of great light, know that darkness will try to upraise and engulf them. As a man, it is your duty to fight for your child and make sure it’s safe at all times.


Tomasa says that these children are the children of the new cycle of consciousness; and they are born of the stuff of the stars themselves. They will grow up to be doctors, lawyers, nurses, police officers, politicians, writers, artists, and teachers. Their generation, with proper nurturing, will grow to hold offices of power, and if they have been raised to believe in their light, their power, their ashé . . . they can change the world for all of us. They have a huge job to do, and it will take a village to raise them. Please: love your children, and make sure they understand their place in the world.


Big spiritual changes are coming, and it begins here and it begins now with the new generation springing from our loins. If you believe nothing else is real, believe this is real. Believe it because Tomasa and all the elder spirits of the night have said so. And believe it because once you hold your new son or daughter in your arms, you will feel it.


There is hope after all. Embrace that hope. Don’t lose it. Find it in the face of your child.


Ochani Lele