Stories and Storytelling

I’ve had quite a few students asking for the syllabus for my new Saturday evening class, “Stories and Storytelling.” Beyond the dates the class meets, there is no syllabus. This class is a unique concept for me, and should be a lot of fun.


The night before class, I’m having a nice, long conversation with Elegguá about the next day’s offering. And then, using diloggún, I’ll let him decide which patakís to tell. All patakís will be connected to one single odu in the diloggún, although I can only imagine the tangents I’ll go off on as I explain how patakís are fluid between the odu, and one story can and often does lead to the next.


In other words: while it might seem random, there will be divine purpose behind it. And I can almost guarantee that these will be patakís you’ll not read in any book or any forum. I have collected stories for a couple of decades now, and even I marvel at the number of them and their complexity.


The dates and times the class meets are here:




Email me if you’d like to sign up.


Ócháni Lele