Is a Library Tour Possible?

In September, after the release of Sacrificial Ceremonies of Santería, A Complete Guide to its Rituals and Practices, I am considering a library tour. Often, authors in their own locality book dates with the various branches of the library to hold special readings for library patrons. It not only encourages the library system to add an author’s catalogue to its collection but also encourages patrons to check out those books, and, often, buy the books because they’ve had a chance to interact with the author.

I’m considering a local library tour; and, I’m also giving thought to planning a library tour to regions where I have both ocha family and friends.

I can easily track down the library branches in the Orlando area: both public and University. But I’m asking my family and friends to do some legwork for me. Please try to obtain the names and addresses of your local library branches, and forward those to me, along with their websites so I can find their email addresses. If I can get enough libraries in an area interested in hosting me for library readings, I just might, after September, take some time off and do some travelling to promote my work.

And for my close friends and families – this means I’ll be parking myself on your sofas for a few days! I’m sure you won’t mind, right?

Ócháni Lele