Healing the Earth?

Very rarely do I speak about my dreams, but last night I had one so intense that I can’t shake it.

Olorishas all around the world came together on one day, a special day, a day made holy and blessed simply because we willed it to be. We didn’t come together in the same space, but at the same time no matter where we were. Children of Oshún began their day by feeding Elegguá, Oshún,  and all the orishas that supported Oshún; children of Yemayá began their day by feeding Elegguá, Yemayá, and all the orishas that supported Yemayá; and everyone did the same with their own orishas. Even aborishas with warriors came to their godparents’ houses, and they helped with the sacrifices and had their own orishas fed. Animals were plucked; ashéses were pulled; and while the cooks in the kitchens were doing the work, small thrones were set up. Fruits and adimús were placed. The ashéses were placed. The eldest heads in every region held drummings, and everyone in the region came to those celebrations after doing the work with their own orishas.

The purpose? It was a day dedicated to saving the earth. No matter where they were, the priests of each orisha were using their ashé to heal whatever part of nature his or her orisha represented: oloshún focused on the rivers, oniyemayá focused on the oceans; olobatalá focused on bringing peace. And the ashé that spread across the earth that day was so strong, even those outside our faith felt it. Even better, the day after the celebrations everyone put action behind their rituals, and did what little they could to heal the earth, and each other. Every small bit of effort turned into a huge vortex of ashé – and the world changed. Slowly. But it changed.

Is my dream prophetic, or is it wish fulfillment? In this day and age when we are all so self-centered and splintered, is such a thing possible?

One can only wonder.


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  1. After reading your posts of the letter of the year 2013, and coming back to read this….makes you wonder if they were giving you an advance copy……

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